Summer has arrived, and with it comes sunshine, outdoor activities and a million reasons to put off the to-do list. Our weekends are filling up, and the countdown on our site is making me a little anxious… All kinds of preparations to finish up, and only 43 days left until our trip to the Yukon!!! Here’s a little photographic taste of our to-do list this month:

Antoine finished up the car platform project, and we now begin the testing phase. This was iteration #1!


I’m learning to sew and creating privacy curtains and screens for car camping


I’m researching camping meals and dehydrating foods in preparation for 5 weeks on the road


And we’re tracking down the last items we need to get Sue ready for the trip! New all terrain tires, rims and mud flaps were purchased this week!

And in the midst of all this, we’re still trying to have fun too! It is summer, after all 😉


The past two weekends were spent paddling on lakes near Ottawa. We visited Lac La Pêche in Gatineau Park for our first canoe trip of the season, where we scoped out some of the camping sites on the lake for future use.  We were really thankful to be on the water with a breeze, though, as the black flies were horrendous! We have never strapped the canoe to Sue so quickly.


Last weekend we visited White Lake to the west of Ottawa. We decided we didn’t want to spend $15 to put our canoe in at a boat launch, so we scoped out some crown land and launched from a marsh! Antoine and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on the lake, and followed it up with craft beers and delicious foods at the Cheshire Cat Pub in Carp.


That’s it for now folks – this is officially the shortest blog post I’ve written! Hoping to have more detailed posts on the platform and curtain projects in the near future. It’s all hinging on Mother Nature. When the sun is shining, we just want to be outside 🙂 This weekend we are off to the Adirondacks for some hiking with friends. The weather forecast doesn’t look promising, but we’ll be warm and dry on Saturday in our car when we test the platform for the first time. Wish us luck!!


Liz & Antoine