Hi everyone!

Thanks for your patience while we took an unexpected mini hiatus from the blog. It all went awry on September 12th, 2018 – two days after we returned from our five week vacation to the Yukon. While we were on our trip, we had to put house hunting on the backburner; but on our final 9 hour drive back to Ottawa, I immersed myself in the latest house listings and eagerly set up 3 showings for our first week back.


The first two showings were rather disappointing, but the third one exceeded our expectations. Before we knew it, only 3 days after returning home, we put in our first offer on a home. Two days later, our offer was accepted! Flash forward 3 weeks, and we were moving into our first home with the help of our incredible group of friends. Thanksgiving weekend was spent hurriedly unpacking so we could host Friendsgiving dinner in our new dining room.


The past two months have been quite the whirlwind, and inevitably that meant our blog has been neglected. For a period of time it actually wasn’t even live – this is what happens when you host your own website and have to move the server with you, or when you lose power and Antoine the webmaster is not home to fix it!
We apologize for the hiatus, but promise to have new content up soon including photos and stories from our recent trip to the UK.


In the interim, here are a few house photos of our two favourite rooms! 🙂


Liz & Antoine