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The Northern Rockies: Days 7 and 8

Inga Lake Recreation Site, August 2018

Things just got a lot more interesting! We crossed through the prairies and Alberta on Thursday, and hopped on the Alaska Highway in Dawson Creek, B.C. We spent Thursday night at a free B.C. recreation site called Inga Lake. British Columbia has numerous free recreation sites scattered throughout the province that provide basic amenities including outhouses, fire pits, and picnic tables. This site was somewhere between Fort St. John and Fort Nelson, down a 2km dirt road.

We were pleasantly surprised with how nice the campsites were, and how many were available even at our late arrival of 7:30pm. We were starving and began quickly preparing our lazy camp dinner of hotdogs and Kraft Dinner. Did you know that wasps love hot dogs?? Us either!!!!!! We were quickly swarmed by the little buggers who made cooking let alone eating a bit of a nightmare. We ended up abandoning our campsite for another farther from the lake in hopes of escaping them, but they followed us. We ate our overcooked and mistakenly watery KD and hotdogs from the safety of our car, thankful to have escaped unstung. The next morning we discovered that our campsite actually backed onto a logging road when we were rudely awoken by the first transport around 4am. After the tenth truck, we decided to pack up and hit the road early!

The highway got increasingly mountainous after Inga Lake, and we spotted more wildlife on this leg of the trip than in any other province. We saw our first family of mountain sheep, a number of elk, a black bear and (most excitingly for us!!) quite a few bisons.
The changing time zones were really helpful for our travels, as they provided us with more daylight and longer drives each day. This meant that we’ve surpassed our planned stops by 1-3 hours every day. Lucky for us, this led us to arrive at Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park by 2pm on a Friday afternoon. We hadn’t reserved a campsite, as we wanted to stay flexible with our schedule, but were told by travellers at our last site that the non-reservable sites fill up by the early afternoon. We ended up getting one of the last remaining sites, far from the highway and close to the boardwalk to the hot springs. The campsite was full within 20 minutes of our arrival.
Liard hot springs were incredible and can’t be missed if you are traveling along the Alaska Highway! They are not like some of the more developed hot springs that we’ve been to – they are natural, very warm and incredibly charming. We loved it so much we returned late in the evening for a second soak, and ended up having the best sleep of our trip afterwards. This was a rather luxurious day for us, as we haven’t stayed put this long since departing my family camp.
As I write this, we have officially  arrived in the Yukon!!!! Cell signal was non-existent through the Northern Rockies region, so for friends and family please don’t worry if you don’t hear from us as frequently for the next little while. I will catch up on blog posts and photos whenever we can 🙂 We’re now bound for Carcross, YT for a quick overnight stay before meeting up with my family in Whitehorse on Sunday.


  1. So happy to see you are almost there! Have fun you two

    • liz

      August 12, 2018 at 8:56 pm

      Thanks Patricia!!! We are so happy to be here finally. Less driving and more time for fun and adventure 🙂

  2. You’ve covered so much ground in such a short time!! Glad you didn’t get stung and are having a total blast xox

  3. Mom and Dad say hi! Love the aerials Antoine!

    • liz

      August 12, 2018 at 8:54 pm

      Hi guys!!! Thank you!! We will have more up once we hit Whitehorse and some wifi. Got great ones from our hike today 🙂

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